What is sexy?

This is what is sexy for all ladies to wear and or do.
I wear these too!

I wear these too!

These are shoes to wear(and I do)

These are shoes to wear(and I do)


First of all if you own ANY of the following shoes Crocs, UGG, ballet flats BURN THEM! I would normally say donate them but please DO NOT subject other women to these awful and sloppy shoes! When women talk about these shoes the always talk about how comfortable they are and how they love them. Get over it! You look like a lazy mess when you wear these! No woman looks good in any of these shoes! Yes young girls and by young I mean 10 and under look cute in them but other than that these shoes MUST be destroyed! 

I am so tired of hearing excuses from women as to why they do not wear heels, ” my back hurts”, “I’m too old to wear heels”, ” I can’t walk in heels”, ” I am too tall to wear heels”. Come on! Really!? If your back hurts you need to learn to walk in heels, you are never too old to wear heels and if you can’t walk in heels your mamma needs to show you how and I am 5’7” without heels and I wear 5 inch heels!

Please put on a nice pair of heels for work and when you go out to dinner with your partner. Its very easy and your partner will be flattered you dressed up for them. Heels are great! I wear 5” heels and I love them, I look good in them and them make my legs look even better. 

So ladies think about the shoes your are putting on your feet, don’t make them shlumpy, make them work! Also please do not wear the same pair of heels( or any show for that matter) day after day. You are ruining your shoes. There are plent of sexy heels out there find a pair that works for you.

What women wear to bed.

Yet another conversation at work and the  women I work with are talking about what they wear to bed. One woman wears socks,sweatpants,t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. Another woman wears socks, sweatpants, panties,bra,t-shirt and a sweatshirt. I was shocked and saddened to hear this and when I expressed this to my co-workers they asked me what I wear to bed and I responded “Well, it’s cold out now so I am wearing socks to bed.”

So why do women  feel the need to wear an entire shlumpy outfit to bed that you would not even leave your house in…hopefully. I understand it’s cold but please get a electric blanket, heated mattress pad or better yet snuggle up with your partner. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to say that you need to wear a corset and garter to bed every night but at least go to bed looking like a woman and not a little brother!

I sleep commando because I don’t like waking up with my nightgown all twisted and wrapped around me not because I am trying to impress my husband or have sex every night.

Ladies please realize that you coming to bed every night looking like a boy bum will get you no where with you partner. Look at yourself before you get into that bed, I mean really look at yourself and say “Would I be happy if this crawled into my bed with me? Would I ever be aroused by this?” 

Also think about wearing a corset to bed one night for your partner and let me know how that works out for you you will not be disappointed!

So ladies before you go to bed tonight please think about what you are or are not wearing.


Today a woman asked why women wear padded bras? I felt sad fer her that she even had to ask and I feel really sad for her husband that she asked this. I wear a padded bra and I love it! All my bras are padded and have underwires…I am a F cup so I really don’t need the padding but I love it. Like I told her I won’t be happy until my boobs are hitting my chin! 

Why do women feel that it is not necessary to wear a padded bra or even a nice bra? Do you want you boobs to be flat and saggy? No I don’t think you do but if you are like me you get some rather dirty looks from other ladies when your boobs looks really good in a bra and you walk with your head held high because you feel good about the way you look. When I am at work I am completely covered I wear a nice top, skirt, stockings(save that topic for another day) and amazing shoes(another day for this one too.) and I still get looks of disgust from the ladies! Now are some of you thinking I am overweight and that may be why I am getting these looks? Well I am not overweight and I am not skinny,I have a curvy body and I am proud of it! More ladies need to be proud of their shape and curves and wear a great bra to show off! Now I am talking about being sexy not slutty and there is a difference. 

Lets get back to the bras, please get yourself sized for a bra and go out and buy a nice one, treat yourself! It is amazing how good you feel when the boobs look good. Your husband/significant other will be happy too. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying to do this for someone else, do it for you and work what you have. I am a firm believer that a good bra will make many things better and a you will have no back pain with a good bra.

So padded bra, yes or no? I say yes no matter what size you need and there is no need to spend a fortune on nice,sexy and supportive bras. Check out Frederick’s Of Hollywood they have amazing bras. No they are not all naughty ones either, they have every day ones. I wore mine today and my boobs looked good!